Leagues offered to CNCC Members Only. Must be a social, twilight or full member in order to participate in any league activity.

Men’s Twilight League

Click Here to View League Website: 2018 Mens League Website

Dustin Hunter, Director of Golf

Tom Keefe, President

Jay Audet, Scorer

Jamie Morel, Vice President

Rick Clark, Treasurer

Another great year of friendship and golf is just around the corner! As in the past, we need your timed response to set up the league for this year. Please click the link above to find the sign-up and dues forms. Dues will remain the same at $75.00. We hope all are returning for league play, but realize for a few of us this may not be possible. For those, please use the form to let us know if you are permanently leaving the league or requesting a leave of absence for the 2018 season.

Men’s Senior Golf League

“Always welcoming new players”

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Senior League President– Rick Clark,


Thursday mornings from late May through early September 7:00 a.m.- 8:00 a.m. the 1st tee belongs to the Men’s Senior Golf League.  This group is made up of male club members age 55 and above (currently 32 members).  This is a FUN-FILLED season commitment and small dues fee ($25.) with a season ending scramble, banquet, and winnings.  Winnings are awarded to the top 6 teams and the top 2 “A” level and “B” level players with the most individual wins for the season.

The league is a 2 man team format utilizing senior tee HCPS with each team made up of an “A” level player (typical handicap from 12-28) and a “B” level player(typical handicap from 29-36).

An entire season tee time schedule will be established at the beginning of the season for all foursome matches.

“Greetings” sign-up packages are e-mailed (or mailed) to each present league member and wait list member on February 1st for the 2017 season.  Sign-up packages are also available for all other men’s senior club members by contacting League President Rick Clark at the above contact points.

We most welcome your joining this great group of seniors for an enjoyable Thursday  morning of golf.

Women’s League Overview for 2018 Season

Cape Neddick Women’s League (CNWL)

Click Here for Ladies League Website

Mission- Our purpose is to promote a fun and friendly golf environment for our members.

Description of League- We play a shot-gun start at 4:15 PM on Thursdays beginning in late May. An opening Golf Scramble and Spring Banquet precedes the start of the season.  A Golf Scramble/Fall Banquet/League Meeting officially ends the season.   After each Thursday golf game, you will find almost all members at the Pub & Grill socializing with their foursome.

Membership- All women golf or social members of Cape Neddick Country Club are encouraged to join the CNWL.   We are a fun-loving group of women golfers of all levels with handicaps up to  40.  (If you don’t have a GHIN handicap, you must sign up for  GHIN through the pro shop and start posting your scores;  from your scores the pro can give us a handicap to use for the start of league till you have enough scores in to establish your handicap.) The league enrollment period ends May 5, 2018. After the enrollment period ends, you may still sign up to be a Sub and to be on the Wait List. If you don’t want to commit to playing every week or know that you will miss more than three weeks, consider joining the “Sub List”.

Cost- The membership fees for 2018 are:(fees cover the league prizes and favors), $75 for league members

League Officers- If you have any questions, please contact:

President:                           Candace Corvey               E-mail:   candace.corvey@gmail.com       Phone: 207-337-1152

Vice-President:                 Susan Hansen                    E-mail: smhansen1@att.net                      Phone: 408-425-5100

Treasurer:                           Becky Colwell                    E-mail:  jcolwell49@yahoo.com                 Phone: 207-363-8092

Secretary:                           Lauren Clark                       E-mail:  lclark@ridesta.com                          Phone: 207-985-2997

Format of Play- Each year, the four women with the lowest handicaps are Team Captains.  All other members are assigned to a team, with the goal of making them as even as possible in terms of average handicap.  Teams are established by the CNWL Executive Board. The Executive Board includes the four officers, the Prior President (Helen Schadlick) and two At-Large Volunteers (Sally Brogan and Hilda Wynne).

Each week, you will be playing for your individual best score while trying to earn points for your team.  League play is handicap based, with a maximum of 18 handicap strokes for the nine holes.  Points are earned hole by hole based on net score.                                                                                           Bogey–1 point

Par–2 points

Birdie–3 points

Eagle–4 points

Albatross/Double eagle–5 points

Foursomes change weekly, so you get to play with almost everyone throughout the season, regardless of team or handicap. Also, each week there is an optional game run through the pro shop  which members can enter for $2 (you can sign up and pay in the pro shop each week you wish to do it). It usually includes closest to the pin on one par 3 and something else (such as low gross and low net, or point quota) chosen by the pro shop. Any week you do participate in it, you must fill out a regular score card (with just your gross score) and turn that in at the pro shop.  This is in addition to our league card.

The Match- If unable to play, members are responsible for getting a sub from our sub list and notifying the person preparing the score cards. (Hilda Wynne at hilbil27@maine.rr.com)

If a player fails to complete play after the first five or more consecutive holes (due to accident, sickness, emergency call, darkness, or bad weather) or arrives late and misses a hole or two, the player gets the points earned for the holes played.

If it is raining, please call the club to find out if the league is cancelled. Every reasonable effort will be made to make a weather go/no go decision by 2 pm that afternoon. There will be no make-up match required. If it starts raining after the round has started, you should continue play unless the course is closed.  All points accumulated during the round regardless of how many holes are played will be applied to your team score.

All strokes must be played out on each hole unless you’ve reached your equitable stroke and it does not affect the outcome of the points earned.  In that case, you are allowed to pick up your ball.

Course Handicap for 18 holes                                    Maximum Number On Any Hole

9 or less                                                                        Double Bogey

10 through 19                                                                    7

20 through 29                                                                    8

30 through 39                                                                    9

40 or more                                                                          10

Please trade score cards with someone in your foursome, and record gross and net score as well as points earned. After play, check your scores and have both signatures on the card. Turn in your card to our scorer in the Pub, and remember to post your score to GHIN on the computer!

Rules of Play- All matches shall be played in conformity with the USGA rules or as modified by local CNCC & CNWL course rules.  Proper sportsmanship and etiquette is expected by all players.

  1. Always be prepared to play when it is your turn to hit. Honors and Away is the rule, but ready golf is recommended. Please try to keep up the pace of play.
  2. Preferred lies (on fairways only): You may move your ball within one card length in any direction not nearer the hole.
  3. 3. Casual Water (puddles in fairway due to rain): Drop at nearest point of relief no nearer the hole; free lift.
  4. Imbedded Ball: Anywhere on the course (except in a hazard) lift, clean and place no nearer the hole; free lift.
  5. Provisional Ball: If a ball may be lost in the rough or may be out of bounds, to save time you may play another ball “provisionally” from as near as possible to where the original ball was played. You must state before hitting the ball that it is a “provisional ball”. Continue playing the provisional ball until you reach the place where the original ball is likely to be.  If you find the original ball, you must play it; or continue with the provisional ball.
  6. Stakes: You may remove stakes, hoses, etc. if they interfere with your swing. Exception: You may never remove an out of bounds stake, which is always white.
  7. Marking Ball: When marking your ball on the green, always put your marker in back of the ball, and then pick up the ball. When replacing ball, put ball in front of the marker.
  8. If you do not know what the rule is, please discuss with your group. If the group does not come to an agreement, you should hit a second ball (keeping score for both balls); come into the club after and ask for a ruling.

Hole-specific guidance will be distributed at the Opening Banquet.